This Video Archive and Education Project is a new project initiated by the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) with assistance from sponsor Pigini srl and Accordions Worldwide. The project includes:

(i) A video of all the Coupe Mondiale categories and their contestants to be kept in the CIA archives in Finland, which over the coming years will become a wealth of historical recordings, including the premiere of many original accordion works and the emergence of upcoming artists at the Coupe Mondiale.

(ii) Free downloads of the performances by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners of each Coupe Mondiale category. These will be placed online as free downloads for the educational benefit of accordion teachers and students. The purpose is to enable the free spread of knowledge and information and thereby raise the levels of accordion performance and musicianship internationally.

We thank Pigini srl for their sponsorship and Accordions Worldwide for providing this website, to enable this ambitious free project to assist accordion students and tutors throughout the world. 

The different categories will be released over the coming weeks.


Peter Maric

Round I video 

Domenico Scarlatti - Sonata in A Major


Sergei Vojtenko - Revelation


Sergei Prokofiev - Satanic Apparration



Round II video 

Franck Angelis - Impasse



Round III video

Vladislav Zolotariew - Sonata


Franck Angelis - Haiti


J. S. Bach - Prelude and Fuga


Viktor Vlasov - Suite (1 Mov.)


 Milan Vidovic

Round I video 

J. S. Bach - Prelude and Fuge in D# Minor (BWV 877)


Franck Angelis - Romance


Viatcheslav Semionov - Caprice No. 1



Round II video 

Vladislav Zolotariew - Sonate No. 3



Round III video 

Domenico Scarlatti - Sonate in A Major (K.113)


Viatcheslav Semionov - Brahmsiana


F. Schubert-F. Listz, arr. Yuri Shishkin - Waltz Caprice No. 6


Petar Mirkov

Round I video 

J. S. Bach - Prelude and Fuga in F# Minor


Jürgen Ganzer - Passacaglia


Viatcheslav Semionov - Kalina Krasnaya



Round II video 

Anatoli Kusjakov - Partita



Round III video 

Bent Lorentzen - Tears 


F. Couperin - Le Tic-Toc-Choc 


Bogdan Precz - Preambulum and Toccata


Sergei Rachmaninov - Vocalise


E. Lisnyak - Capriccio


Martynas Levickis

Round I video

Arne Nordheim - Flashing


Domenico Scarlatti - Sonata in D Major K.96


Sergei Berinsky - From Partita 'Also sprach Zarathustra' (1 Mov.)


Gorka Hermosa - Fragilissimo


Marko Lukic

Round I video 

Domenico Scarlatti - Toccata in D Minor (K141)


Oivind Farmen - Lamento 


Anatoli Kusjakov - Sonata No 4 (2 and 3 Movs.)


Viatcheslav Semionov - Caprice No. 1


Milos Beljakovic

Round I video 

J.S. Bach - Toccata in E Minor


K. Olczak - Berceuse


J. Ganzer - Silhouette, 3 Mov.


Pawel Janas

Round I video 

Improvisation with Galliano Theme - Pawel Janas


Tango Tronic - Pawel Janas


Eduard Akhanov

Round I video 

Gennady G. Galitsky - The Venetian delusions


Eric Maschwitz - Jack Strachey These Foolish Things


Viatcheslav Semionov - Gankino Horo


Alexey Chernomordikov

Round I video

SOS - V. Semenov arr. Kapris


Russian Dance from the Nutcracker Ballet - P.Tchaikovski


Riverdance Show (Irish National Music) 


Nataela Teixeira

Haiti video 

Haiti by Franck Angelis


João Barradas

Round I video

Sergei Voitenko - Letunov Revelation / Ghost


Domenico Scarlatti - Sonata in A Major



Round II video A


Round II video B


Round II video C


Round II video D

Viatcheslav Semionov - Caprice No. 1


Moritz Moszkowski - Étincelles


J. S. Bach - Prelude and Fugue


Franck Angelis - Impasse (Final)


Nikola Zivanovic

Round I video


J. S. Bach - Prelude and Fugue in F# Minor


Bengt Lorentzen - Tears



Round II video A


Round II video B


Round II video C



B. Precz - Preambulum and Toccata


Anatoli Kusjakov - Autumnal Sceneries (Movs.)

Dmitrii Yarkinov

Round I video A


Round I video B


J. S. Bach - Prelude And Fugue In F Major (WTC Book II)


Viatcheslav Semionov - Don Rhapsody (3 Movs.)



Round II video A


Round II video B


Round II video C


Anatoli Kusjakov - Autumn Scenes (5. Cranes, 6. Wind Dance)


F. Angelis - Suite (Brel-Bach; Soliloque; Asia - Flashes)


Vladimir Ivanov - Paraphrase On The Russian Folk Song

Syrius Duet

Julien Gonzales (Accordion)

Cyril Carbonne (Clarinet)

Round I video A


Round I video B


Round I video C


O. Urbano - Bethléem Doloris


Duo Syrius - Hommage à Bonakov, Stravinsky, Lutoslawsky


Dinar Ibragimov (Accordion)

Evgeni Gainullov (Accordion)

Ilyas Galimzyanov (Accordion)

Round I video

to be added

Sergei Prokofjev - Suggestion Diabolique


Astor Piazzolla - Milonga Del Angel


Viatcheslav Semionov - Don Rhapsody No. 1


Duo Van Amsterdam

Vincent Van Amsterdam (Accordion)

Jeanine Van Amsterdam (Violin)

Round I video 

to be added

J.S. Bach - Sonata No. 4, BWV 1017 (4 Mov, Allegro)


A. Vivaldi - Four Seasons, Summer (3 Mov)


V. Zubitski, arr. E. Lisniak - Carpathian Suite (4 Mov, Finale)


A. Corelli - Sonata No. 5: Adagio-Vivace-Vivace


Astor Piazzolla - Nightclub 1960 from ‘Histoire du Tango’